Wednesday, December 29, 2010

worship the vehicle...

this is a view of the 'vahanapooja' which is a customary worship of the new vehicle.  in kerala everybody does this, if he is a hindu, christian or muslim.  those belonging to different religions offers this worship according to their own custom. the vehicle is brought in front of the temple and the ritual is done.  in front of each wheel a lemon is placed and the driver starts the vehicle. the lemon is ruptured when the vehicle runs over it.  posted here is a hindu style worship. it is done at 'erumeli' which is a major temple on the way to sabarimala. lord ayyappan is the diety here.  sabarimala is situated deep inside the forest in pathanamthitta district. now is the prime season to visit sabarimala.

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Kim, USA said...

If we have a new car we ask the priest to bless the car. Great information thanks for sharing. And thanks for the visit to I do appreciate it.
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