Friday, January 13, 2012

first feast at Ambalapuzha

The religious rite of giving the first solid food for my younger son was performed at the Ambalapuzha Sreekrishnaswamy Temple.
 baby is going to get his first food (in solid form)..

Ambalapuzha Sreekrishna Swamy Temple where the rite was organised..
This Temple, which is in Alleppey District,  is historically important.  It has relevance in art, culture and literature in kerala.  The Temple is adjacent to the old palace.  The folk art of Ottanthullal, was originated here. Ottanthullal is very beautiful form of dance and drama which satirically narrates the epics of Kerala.

Appu in front of the Kalathattu (resting place)used by Kunchan Nambiar to introduce his art form
The thatched roof maintained in front of the temple was the place where all the drama happened. The legend is about Kunchan Nambiar (1705–1770) who introduced the new dance form called Ottanthullal.   Nambiar was accompanying the Chakyar Koothu, the dance form which was very popular during that time with his Mizhavu, an ancient instrument.

The Mizhavu, Preserved at Ambalapuzha

Chakiar Koothu usually depicts epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha etc.  The peculiarity of this art is that the artist who performs Chakiar Koothu would be including the audience by mocking them in apt situations during the performance. During the performance Kunchan Nambiar became sleepy and he messed with the instrument.  The performer of the dance mocked him in public and Kunchan Nambiar left the arena humiliated.  The next evening when the Chakiar was performing before the audience, Kunchan Nambiar came in a new attire and started performing the new dance form which he called Ottan Thullal. The entire audience shifted to the place where he performed the dance. Chakiar lost his pride and a new form of art was born.


P.N. Subramanian said...

A very nice post. The info regarding the art forms like Chakiar Koothu and Otamthullal was very helpful. I have not seen Mizhavu being played. Atleast I could visualise how it looks. Thanks.

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Nice travel blog.

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awww, solids for the first time. he is beautiful and what a precious photo. :) appu looks great! :) the temple is beautiful.

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