Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today, we had a great opportunity to visit Logos Hope, the largest floating book stall in the world.  Years back, we have visited Logos Doulos.  This is a bigger and more cool ship.  The visit of Logos Hope was officially innaugurated by Smt.Bhadra Suresh, Hon.Deputy Mayor of Corporation of Kochi. It was exciting to know that the ship has crew from all over the world including Kerala.  Appu was very much excited to have a visit to the Ship.

The Ship was having the invitation to come on board, painted on it.  I have narrated Appu about the visit to Doulos and cautioned him to limit his expectations, because usually they don't allow outsiders to visit anywhere except a small portion of the ship.

Before going inside, Appu posed outside the North Coal Warf where the ship was embarked. There was heavy crowd waiting for the entry ticket.  It was priced at Rs.50/- for adults and children upto 18 years were rightly admitted free of cost.

The crew were friendly and helpful.  They announced in different languages.  They have encouraged everybody to have enough time in browsing through the books.  The prices were in units. 1 unit was equivalent to 80 rupees. There were books for every taste.  Appu selected some books which included his favourite subject - Magic. 

After the books, we had our refreshments at the vast cafeteria.  Appu wanted to have his picture taken with the cafeteria in the background.  I have asked and one crew member kindly allowed us to take the picture.  The visit to the ship is so informative, educating and spiritually awakening which nobody should miss.

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