Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bolgatty Island...

One of the beautiful sights while taking a round trip on a boat through the backwaters at Cochin is the Bolgatty Island.  It has a history which is very interesting. Bolgatty Palace  was originally built by Dutch traders in 1744 and was leased by the British in 1909.  It served as the British residency till 1949 and is surrounded by a nine-hole golf courses established in 1923. The palace is now converted into a resort and is run by the KTDC (Kerala State Tourism Development Corporation). It is 5 minutes away from the mainland by ferry.
There is a boat terminal in front of the entrance to the palace.
The tourist boats take a round for the tourists to have a closer view of the beautiful palace.
Another beautiful view of the palace which was used by Dutch for their royal life in Kerala. It was used as as residence for the commander of Dutch Malabar.
 After independence, the Bolgatty Palace was preserved as a historic place and later converted into a resort the main attraction of which is the honeymoon cottages which face the lake.
Another view of the honeymoon cottages
Bolgatty Palace is considered as a perfect location to host parties
Another view of the party going on...


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