Friday, August 04, 2006

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

This month is the best to visit Alleppey! The Seaside Beauty of Kerala!
The speciality of this month is Nehru Trophy! The Snake Boat Race....
It is conducted on the Second Saturday of August...
Tourists from all over the world come to Alleppey this month to vitness the rare snakeboats! ....and the thrilling race!
This Boat Race was started in the year 1952 when the first prime minister of India Sri. Jawaharlal Nehru visited kerala. Nehru was thrilled by the Snake Boats which accompanied him on his visit to Kuttanad, the paddyfields of Alleppey, on his way from Kottayam to Alleppey. After reaching Delhi, the capital, Nehru sent a trophy modelled like a Chundan Vallam (The Snake Boat) to be given to the winners of the Boat Race to be conducted every year. The name Nehru Trophy was given after the death of Shri. Nehru.
Now very good arrangements are provided for the tourists who come to visit the Nehru Trophy. Keep in mind that Alleppey is one of the towns in Kerala where cost of living is cheap.

You would never regret a visit to Alleppey during the Second Week of August When the Nehru Trophy is Conducted.....

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