Friday, February 05, 2010

Thaikal Beach.............

A visit to the Thaikal Beach, near the pilgrimage spot ARTHUNKAL at Alleppey district is a very refreshing experience.  Here you can experience almost untouched peaceful beauty of this beach. Arthunkal is famous for the St. Andrews Forane Church which was built in 1581. Visiting this place has the advantage in both ways, a pilgrimage and visit to a calm, beautiful village in the seashore in Kerala.  This place is reachable both from Cochin (44 kilometers towards south) and Alleppey (22 kilometers towards northern direction)
a view of the beach from the road.

a view of the beach

This part of the beach is highly active, with the sea always full of fishing vessels.  The fishermen use their traditional country boats made of wood. This is a view worth watching.

fishing boats venturing into the sea


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