Thursday, February 04, 2010

Durbar Hall Ground....

Today Durbar Hall is worth mentioning because of the vast lawn, where the people of this busy city of Cochin gather in the evenings to spend a quiet and peaceful time.  It is a beautiful, green and clean place. This 2 acre land is adjuscent to the Durbar Hall, where the king of Cochin used to hold his durbar.  This place is famous historically for proclamations, administrative reforms (04-Jan-1938), new constitution of the Cochin State (17-Jun-1938) etc. and as a venue of Cochin State Central War Committee on 28-Jun-1940.

Now the place became a beauty by the efforts of Ernakulam District Tourism Promotion Council, which was completed during 1998-99.Some of the significant proclamations, like the administrative reforms of January 4, 1938, the new constitution of the Cochin State of June 17, 1938, and the formation of the Cochin State Central War Committee on June 28, 1940, were all made at this very ground.

the historical place which transformed into a place of beauty....

another beautiful view of Durbar Hall Ground on the right side of which is 
the Durbar Halll which now is housing an art gallery run by the lalithakala academy.

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