Monday, June 20, 2011

It is power cut today...

Today something happened at the power station at Moolamattom, Idukki, from where a major portion of  the supply of electricity to the entire kerala is drawn.  The power was going on and off. We had to search the candles and help ourselves with the soft light of candles.  Appu took this as an opportunity to experiment (or play) with the candles. The above picture was taken by him using our Nikon Coolpix L21.  He used a torchlight which he used from his side to the candle, to enhance the lighting effect.  The result was amazing. I was never able to have such pictures.  Inspired by his act, my husband also grabbed the camera and took some photographs.  He turned the focus to the corner which we have dedicated for the gods.  In Kerala, we used to light the traditional lamp with coconut oil in it for rituals.  This picture also came out in good shape, may be not as good as Appu's photograph.
The picture which included the idols were also good though not so clear. I have collected these from our journey though Kerala.  Some of them are made out bronze, some are wooden and some are made out of clay.
Before posting these pictures, the urge for which was irresistible, I asked myself the question "whether these have relevance in a blog which is meant for travel?".  But I think these showcase the culture of our country. Let others have a glimpse!

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Angela said...

These are awesome. Love them... so warm and inviting.