Sunday, March 09, 2014

Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012

Kochi, the Queen of Arabian Sea hosted Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012,  an international exhibition of contemporary art. We were lucky to have a visit to this exhibition and wanted to share this with you all...
This was the first Indian Biennale.  The Locations were historically important and beautiful places in Kochi.  Reaching Fortcochin, the the place where most of the venues are located, the first thing that attracted us was the Art of Motorcycling by Javeen Mathew.  This was exhibited near the Bastion Bungalow.
Appu at the venue of the Art of Motorcycling
the Art of Motorcycling
Another concept model Egg by Javeen Mathew
 One of the venues were Aspinwall House, which was the business house of Aspinwall & Company Ltd. established in 1867 by Englishman John H Aspinwall.  The trade activities of this company included coconut oil, pepper, timber, lemon grass oil, ginger, turmeric, spices, and later in coir, coffee, tea and rubber.  Normally this place is not accessible to the public.  The vast premises found very much apt for the Biennale because of the vastness and plentifulness of buildings.  Stepping into the premises, the first attraction was a sound installation in an auto riksha.

The entire premises was full of installations and different kinds of art works.  Art enthusiasts in huge numbers were visiting the place.  The location of this Biennale was interesting because of the proximity of backwaters and the port.  The Chinese nets and the heritage buildings also were attracting the tourists.  

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