Sunday, December 18, 2011

boating through the shipping channel...

Today we had a very good trip through the backwaters in Cochin, the Queen of Arabian Sea.
the boat which took us around the lake and the crude bridge which took us to the boat.

At this place, the Lake Vembanad meets the Arabian Sea.  The meeting point of the lake and sea is at Fort Cochin.  The Cochin Port is in this place. The Port is situated in a man made island.  This island is 3.2 km² of land which was reclaimed during the dredging for shipping channel by Sir Robert Bristow. The island was named after Lord Willindon, Governor of Madras, who ordered the commissioning of the project. There are many locations of interest for the traveler. 
Appu (green and blue striped shirt) getting into the boat
view of Cochin from the lake with the boats waiting for tourists.

due to the limitation of the speed of internet i am not able to include the entire journey into this post and, this travelogue would be continued please be in touch..........

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