Monday, December 19, 2011

Through the Shipping Channel

 The Shipping Channel of the Cochin Port is divided in to two. The Ernakulam and Mattancherry channels .The Ernakulum Channel is 4.90 Km long, with the width varying from 250 to 500 m and has a draft of 12.5 m up to the Oil Terminal and 9.14 m up to the wharves and the north and south tanker berths.  Travel through this is really fantastic with the boat swaying to the sides gently in the high currents and big gentle waves. Boats which take the tourists go through the Shipping Channel upto a certain limit and let the tourists have a look at the ships berthed and the vastness of the Channel.

Looking back towards the left we can see the beautiful, new ferry jetty which is used by the ferry boats to take passengers from ernakulam to Vypeen and Fort Cochin.  Before the bridges connecting the Vypeen island to the mainland was built thousands of commuters used to take the ferry daily on their way to the offices in Ernakulam.


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